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Create a safe and epilepsy-friendly workplace for staff and customers.

Epilepsy Smart Workplace Training helps staff and volunteers understand epilepsy and seizure first-aid.

1 in 25 Australians will develop epilepsy during their life, directly impacting four times as many family members, colleagues, carers and friends – that’s one-fifth of Tasmania’s population!

52% of Tasmanians have experienced discrimination at work or school as a result of epilepsy.

Epilepsy Smart Workplace Training will demystify the condition of epilepsy, explain associated risks and seizure first-aid, and provide suggestions on creating a more epilepsy-friendly workplace for staff, visitors and customers.

Benefit from Epilepsy Smart Workplace Training

  • Employees report less stress.
  • Workplaces become more inclusive.
  • Staff learn the impact seizures have on people with epilepsy and the support required in the workplace.
  • Customers and staff with epilepsy experience less stigma and discrimination.
  • Staff learn how to differentiate a seizure from other conditions.
  • Organisations gain statewide recognition as an Epilepsy Friendly Workplace.

Epilepsy Tasmania’s training will help you understand epilepsy and seizure first aid

Our interactive, practical training can help your workplace understand the condition of epilepsy and the first aid required during a seizure. Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have in-depth knowledge of epilepsy and travel statewide to organisations of all sizes and across all sectors:

  • tertiary institutions and schools
  • medical and allied health professionals
  • government departments
  • aged care facilities
  • childcare and support workers
  • emergency services
  • disability service providers
  • community groups

Epilepsy Smart Training at Your Workplace

Course costs start from $396 (inc. GST).