Helping Tasmanians With Epilepsy
For Over 40 Years

Epilepsy Tasmania is a not-for-profit community organisation improving the quality of life of Tasmanians with epilepsy, and those around them, through education, coordination and support.

20,000 Tasmanians have epilepsy and an additional 80,000 family members, colleagues and friends are affected in some way.

One-fifth of Tasmania’s population is touched by epilepsy, yet the condition still has an unfortunate stigma that causes much hurt and frustration:
51% of Tasmanians with epilepsy have experienced discrimination as a result of their condition during the last year.

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How Epilepsy Tasmania Can Help You



Have you, or a family member been diagnosed with epilepsy?

We can help you:

Communicate better with your medical specialist.

Create an Epilepsy Friendly Workplace.

Make your school Epilepsy Smart.

Teach your family seizure first aid and medication administration.

Establish valuable support systems.

Live well with epilepsy.

Join our FingerKnitting School Challenge

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Enhance our ability to speak for Tasmanians affected by epilepsy and stay up to date with epilepsy-related information.

Our Friends enable us to raise the voices of Tasmanians who feel isolated, discriminated against, or lack access to services and support.


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