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Support For Healthcare Providers

Helping you to help others

Doctors, nurses, diagnosing specialists and healthcare providers need access to accurate and current information relating to all aspects of epilepsy. Tasmania’s leading authority on epilepsy is Epilepsy Tasmania – your support partner.

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For healthcare providers, we help deliver best practice epilepsy-care through:

  • Education and training in the practical applications of epilepsy management.
  • Backup support and facilitation.
  • The latest epilepsy information and resources.
  • Communication pathways between health professionals and their epilepsy patients.
  • Documents that answer common questions from epilepsy patients.
  • Networking and referral opportunities.
  • Clinic and hospital visits that provide support and advice in partnership with health professionals.
  • Supportive networks and social groups for epilepsy patients.
  • Up-to-date information on the NDIS and how it will affect epilepsy patients.
  • Epilepsy research updates.

For your epilepsy patients, we provide:

  • Individual emotional support as they come to terms with epilepsy.
  • Advice on managing their condition and living well.
  • Documents to help them better express their well-being needs to healthcare providers.
  • Epilepsy Management Plans and Emergency Medication Plans.
  • Seizure first-aid and emergency medication training for family and carers.
  • Resources covering all aspects of epilepsy.
  • Advocacy within their workplace and school.
  • Training for their workplace (Epilepsy Friendly Workplace) and school (Smart Schools).
  • Support networks and social opportunities.

The Department of Health and Human Services website also has a useful tool to find additional services.