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Volunteer to help us make a difference

Volunteers are the backbone of Epilepsy Tasmania and we couldn't achieve what we do without volunteer support.

Our volunteers help us improve the quality of life of Tasmanians with epilepsy, and those around them, through education, coordination and support. Even an hour is gratefully appreciated: donating your time makes a real difference.

You can help by:

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My granddaughter has had epilepsy for at least seven years and I like volunteering for Epilepsy Tasmania because I hope to help find a cure/prevention for the condition.  Volunteering gives me the chance to help people who are less fortunate and it gives me the opportunity to learn more about epilepsy. You also meet some wonderful people!


Volunteering with Epilepsy Tasmania has made me more aware of other people who are going through their own personal journey with epilepsy. One of the benefits of volunteering is to be able to share my experience with others to help them know they are not alone.

It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people who are in the same position and new experiences in a different environment while supporting Epilepsy Tasmania at the same time.


I hope through my Epilepsy Tasmania volunteer work I can give people a chance to talk openly and freely with someone who can provide them with support and a depth of understanding of what life can be like if you have epilepsy.

Put Your Hand Up To Volunteer

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    Epilepsy Connect - our Telephone-based Peer Support serviceSocial Media Group Manager or ModeratorFundraising EventsOpen Gardens - share your garden or help run an eventPurple Month - our major event every MarchI have another idea...