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Become a Friend of Epilepsy Tasmania

Friends make all the difference!

Becoming a free Friend of Epilepsy Tasmania enhances our ability to speak for and advocate on behalf of Tasmanians affected by epilepsy. Your friendship is important!

We work for and with the epilepsy community on a daily basis and it is our Friends who enable us to raise the voices of Tasmanians who feel isolated, discriminated against, or lack access to services and support.

Benefits of being our Friend include:


  • Learn new ways to live with or care for someone with epilepsy.
  • Receive invitations to attend our workshops and courses.
  • Share thoughts and suggestions at our focus groups.
  • Access workplace, school and community training.


  • Receive our regular Brainwaves e-newsletter.
  • Stay up-to-date with legislation and available Tasmanian assistance.
  • Access our qualified social workers and registered nurses.
  • Read printed resources and up-to-date research.


  • Help create awareness and change by adding your voice to Tasmania’s epilepsy-friendly community.
  • Show your support of people with epilepsy by displaying our free bumper sticker on your vehicle.


  • Help others and experience the positive contributions of volunteering.
  • Learn how to start where you are and do what you can.
  • Gain valuable new skills that can provide a pathway to employment.
  • Make new friends.


  • Attend our support groups.
  • Get to know other Tasmanians living with or affected by epilepsy.
  • Enjoy some valuable time-out at our social events.

Ready to become a Friend of Epilepsy Tasmania now?