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Training to Administer Midazolam emergency medication

This one-and-a-half hour course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively administer emergency seizure medications such as midazolam via appropriate routes (Buccal or LMA- intranasal atomiser).

Participants will learn to manage prolonged and clustered seizures with medications; why they are required and when; the types of documentation involved; their own duty of care responsibilities during the process; and how to administer the medications in a safe and timely manner as per the epilepsy management plan and specialist’s orders.

*Please note- all medication must be prescribed by a medical specialist and the dosage must be clear and appropriate to client’s epilepsy management plan. A maximum of two emergency plans can be covered in a session.

Pre-requisites: Participants must hold a current First Aid certificate AND have undertaken Epilepsy Tasmania’s Management and Understanding training (can be completed at the same session with prior notice).

Recommended for: Disability workers, aged care workers, childcare workers, teachers, first aid officers, Registered Nurses, paramedics or anyone who may be required to administer emergency medication s for seizures.


Why you should choose Epilepsy Tasmania to deliver your training.

  • Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have in-depth knowledge of epilepsy and backgrounds in nursing, social work, direct care and education.
  • Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have experience working with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.
  • Epilepsy Tasmania backs up its training with a free telephone advice line and our world-first telephone-based peer support service Epilepsy Connect.

Book or enquire about our training on 03 6344 6881.