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Epilepsy Video Series


Jack is 14 years old and had his first seizure three years ago. This is his story.


Harry was just nine months old when he had his first seizure. This is his story.


What is epilepsy really like? We asked Dallas’ mum.


When Riley was diagnosed with epilepsy his whole world turned upside down. Support and advice from Epilepsy Tasmania were crucial to helping him and his family learn a new way of living and get through those tough early days.

Dr Aaron De Souza

Dr Aaron De Souza is a neurologist and neurophysiologist in Tasmania. He is an expert in epilepsy and shares his thoughts on the condition and the support provided by Epilepsy Tasmania.


Liz from Epilepsy Tasmania talks about her role as the Epilepsy Smart Coordinator.


In this video, Emma (our former Registered Nurse) explains the range of training and support options available to Tasmanians with epilepsy and those around them.

Virginia is now our Registered Nurse for Education & Training.

This video will be updated soon.


Shirley Poetschka is an accredited Social Worker and an Education & Training Coordinator South at Epilepsy Tasmania. In this video, Shirl explains the range of training and support options available to Tasmanians with epilepsy and those around them.

2021 TV Advert

In our 2021 television advertisement, we show it is the simple things that matter when it comes to raising awareness of epilepsy.

2020 TV Advert

Did you know that epilepsy can claim lives? Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy (SUDEP) is the cause of around half of all epilepsy-related deaths. With no known cause, SUDEP leaves many unanswered questions in distraught families. In this television advertisement, Shaun and his two daughters explain how epilepsy has tragically affected their lives.

2020 – TV Advert

This television advertisement showcases some Tasmanians who benefit from the services and support offered by Epilepsy Tasmania, using photos from our My Journey photo-story exhibition.

2019 TV Advert

Epilepsy Smart Workplace Training is helping staff and volunteers to better understand epilepsy and seizure first-aid. This television advert promotes Epilepsy Smart Workplaces and the training  available to demystify the condition of epilepsy, explain associated risks and seizure first-aid, and provide suggestions on creating a more epilepsy-friendly workplace for staff, visitors and customers.

Epilepsy Smart Schools

Discover how becoming an Epilepsy Smart School improved Ava’s daily school life and also benefited her teacher and classmates.