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Can I Still Drive?

Having epilepsy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to stop driving.

You will be able to hold a driver’s licence or a learner’s permit as long as your seizures are well controlled.

National guidelines have been developed by epilepsy specialists to protect your safety and the safety of the community, and each application is considered individually.

The period that you must be seizure free before driving depends upon your type of epilepsy and the circumstances surrounding any recent seizure you might have had.

In general, people who have had a seizure are required to notify the licensing body and stop driving until a medical report is supplied. Most people can return safely to driving but the length of time a person must wait varies between individuals.

For up-to-date driving regulations in Tasmania contact the Department of Infrastructure

Energy & Resources on 13 11 05 and  www.transport.tas.gov.au.

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