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LifeMinder seizure/fall monitor


Sensing What Matters

Get your freedom back and go anywhere with the Life Minder.

Falls resulting from Tonic-Clonic seizures can be fatal if not detected quickly – but family and friends can be alerted of your location within seconds if you’re wearing a Life Minder.

The Life Minder automatically detects the sudden impact of a fall and will alert three nominated mobile phone numbers via SMS with a message that will include a link via Google Maps with their location.

You can also use Life Minder to hold a clear two-way voice conversation – just like a mobile phone but without any complicated features.

Life Minder is water resistant and can be used in the shower.


Epilepsy Tasmania is getting great feedback about LifeMinder – phone us on (03) 6344 6881 for a demonstration.

Read more information on the Life Minder website – www.lifeminder.com.au

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