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Teenage Seizures

Epilepsy Tasmania’s nurse was recently contacted by the mother of a teenage son who was experiencing more seizures than normal.

Emma met with the family to provide information and help them develop a plan to move forward. She was also able to identify some possible causes, such as issues around taking medications regularly, screen time, and sleep disturbances that could be impacting on his increased seizure activity.

The family were shown how to implement a seizure diary and use a phone App to help record seizures and set medication reminders.

Together, they discussed changes he could make to improve his health and wellbeing. And helped get them a referral to a neurologist at the Launceston General Hospital.

Following up two weeks later, this mum advised that things had improved dramatically with a huge reduction in her son’s seizures. He was now taking his medications regularly, had commenced a ketogenic diet, and had a neurologist appointment the next week.

Fantastic news! And that’s what we’re here for!