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Brainwaves e-News, Ed 36, 2020

Hi Friend,

In this edition of Brainwaves, I have good news to share.

Firstly, we were very pleased in the recent budget announcements that the Tasmanian Government has agreed to continue funding Epilepsy Tasmania. After a difficult year due to COVID-19, this is a big relief and means we can continue providing our high-level of services, support and epilepsy-related training in Tasmania.

Secondly, I want to let you know that last month we collectively achieved something incredible: Tasmanians walked around Tasmania four times to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy support in our state.

More than 1,200 people from across Australia came together to conquer their local streets in Walk for Epilepsy. Even though we couldn’t physically be together, we’ve never been better connected; we’ve shared more stories, inspired more people, and supported each other better than ever before.

To each and every one of our walkers – thank you. To everyone who donated to improve the lives of loved ones and strangers alike – thank you. Every step walked, every dollar raised, every conversation started has made a profound difference. With your support, we’ll be able to help more families, train more schools, and research with more determination than we’ve ever been able to.

Tasmanians wore their stories with pride and simply taking part was a mammoth achievement. We’ve still got work to do: research into epilepsy and into finding a cure must continue at a rapid pace; and people living with epilepsy continue to face stigma and uncertainty. We’ll keep working, and we’ll do it in the knowledge that each of you is also working: together we can achieve the impossible.

Oh, and one last thing. Have you seen the new sign on the building of our Launceston office yet? If you go past, we hope you can’t miss it!

Take care,

Wendy Groot

CEO Epilepsy Tasmania

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