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Direct Care Training

Ensuring direct-care staff provide the best possible care

Our trainers help direct-care providers understand the impact seizures have on people with epilepsy and teach them strategies to better support people living with the condition. Emergency medication administration is also a training option.

Epilepsy Tasmania’s training will help you understand epilepsy and seizure first aid.

Our interactive, practical training helps workplaces and community groups understand the condition of epilepsy and the first aid required during a seizure. Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have in-depth knowledge of epilepsy and travel statewide to organisations of all sizes and across all sectors:

  • tertiary institutions and schools
  • medical and allied health professionals
  • government departments
  • aged care facilities
  • childcare and support workers
  • emergency services
  • disability service providers
  • community groups

Why epilepsy training is important.

20,000 Tasmanians will develop epilepsy with a further 80,000 family members, carers, friends and colleagues affected – that’s one-fifth of Tasmania’s population!

51% of Tasmanians with epilepsy have experienced discrimination in the last 12 months – mostly within their workplace or educational institutions.

An increasing number of older people are developing epilepsy, yet they can be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed because epilepsy symptoms are harder to differentiate from other causes as we age.

People with epilepsy have an increased risk of social isolation due partly to fear of experiencing a seizure in public.

Why you should choose Epilepsy Tasmania to deliver your training.

  • Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have in-depth knowledge of epilepsy and backgrounds in nursing, social work, direct care and education.
  • Epilepsy Tasmania trainers have experience working with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.
  • Epilepsy Tasmania backs up its training with a free telephone advice line and our world-first telephone-based peer support service Epilepsy Connect.

Book or enquire about our training on 03 6344 6881.