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Brainwaves e-News, Ed 45, 2021

Hi Friend,

A life interrupted …

In the last little while I have been doing some thinking about the ‘tags’ we wear.

During October, many of these tags highlight specific issues people face: Seniors’ Week, Carers’ Week, Mental Health Week, Children’s Week, Anti-Poverty Week, SUPEP Action Day (see below for more info on this) and so on.

People with epilepsy often describe their life as if it has been interrupted and labelled.

The lives of people who do not have their epilepsy well controlled with medication, or who don’t have access to the support they need should be viewed like an iceberg: what you see above the water is only a small part of the many interruptions they are experiencing.

This October, I plan to have many curious conversations in the hope to understand more about people’s lives and the tags they have to live with.  My hope is that Epilepsy Tasmania will be able to share the voices of those who have been given a label but whose interrupted life story has not yet been heard.

I hope you will join me this month in pondering the effect of your interactions and tagging.

Wendy Groot,  CEO Epilepsy Tasmania.

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