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Brainwaves e-News, Ed 47, 2021

Hi Friend,

Our last Brainwaves edition prompted some welcome constructive feedback following my thoughts of changing the word Epilepsy Tasmania uses to describe a ‘carer’.

Thank you to the interstate Neuropsychologist who took the time to say they agree that the carer title implies helplessness and may negate the intermittent aspect of the relationship when the person with epilepsy requires no assistance. This caring relationship can also range from being equal in role to only being called on to supply occasional support if needed.

Suggestions for a new description so far include:

  • ‘assisting companion’
  • ‘partner in management’
  • ‘concerned co-resident’
  • ‘concerned family’
  • ‘epilepsy support person’
  • ‘caregiver’

What word do you feel best describes someone who provides care and support to someone living with epilepsy? Please let me know.

As we enter this holiday season, please remember that many people are still feeling the impacts of the last two years, so staying in touch and checking up on those around us can help lessen any sense of isolation being felt.

See you next year,

Wendy Groot,  CEO Epilepsy Tasmania.

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