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Managing Unexpected Seizures

You won’t find Epilepsy Tasmania’s nurse, Emma, working in a hospital – she travels the state helping Tasmanians affected by epilepsy to access epilepsy-related support when and where they need it.

For example, we were contacted by a man who had been controlling his seizures for three years with anti-epileptic medication – until he suddenly and unexpectedly had a tonic-clonic seizure at work.

In the role as a nurse, Emma was able to support this man by developing an Epilepsy Management Plan that he can give his employer. This EMP describes his seizure types, how he needs to be cared for during and after a seizure, any potential triggers to his seizures and any identified risks.

We also helped him obtain a referral to a local neurology service so he didn’t have to travel to Hobart for appointments, which is difficult when he can’t drive.

Next steps are for Epilepsy Tasmania will be to visit this man’s workplace (with his permission) to provide training on the understanding and management of epilepsy and seizure first aid and explain his epilepsy management plan in person.

It’s all in a day’s work!