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Brainwaves e-News, Ed 20, 2019

Welcome to Brainwaves!

This week has been an important week as we recognised the importance of maintaining healthy practises to avoid brain injury. This can include the food we eat, awareness of the activities we undertake and maintaining good physical and emotional and mental health.

There have been some interesting articles this week that have suggested that brain awareness week is not about avoiding activities, to reduce our potential risks, but being attuned to and focussing on the choices we make with our day to day activities. Spending our time doing sedentary activities rather than being active and exercising our brains, can be a greater detriment to our health. Encouraging our younger people to put down their iPhones and computer games and go outside and exercise has been a timely reminder for us all as Spring approaches.  Read more below…

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Brainwaves e-News ed 20, 2019